My 50 Favorite Things

I know that if I want to write interesting characters for my novel I have to also know myself, here are my favorite things in no particular order:

  1. Seeing a good movie
  2. Ice water with lemon and lime juice
  3. Popcorn with frozen Junior Mints or peanut M&Ms
  4. Laughing
  5. Writing a song
  6. Barbecue chicken
  7. Visiting another country
  8. Being around friends you love
  9. Steak
  10. Playing music for people
  11. Finishing a good book
  12. The smile of and being close to a beautiful woman
  13. A Manhattan
  14. An Old-Fashioned
  15. A good pilsner
  16. Hearing a great song for the first time or the first time in a while
  17. Good conversation
  18. People fighting for what they believe in
  19. Underdogs
  20. Chips and salsa
  21. A sandwich with a good sauce
  22. Garlic bread with marinara
  23. Great acting
  24. Great writing
  25. Being a geek
  26. Gin and orange juice
  27. Seinfeld
  28. Breaking Bad
  29. Star Trek
  30. Star Wars
  31. Lord of the Rings
  32. Indiana Jones
  33. Completing a task
  34. Groundhog Day
  35. Relaxing
  36. Elliott Smith
  37. Nirvana
  38. The Beatles
  39. The Who
  40. James Bond
  41. Gummi bears
  42. Actual bears
  43. Dogs
  44. The Great Gatsby
  45. Seeing work you did go to help feed an animal or help a plant grow
  46. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  47. The perfect song during the credits
  48. A night lit only by stars, streetlamps, or a skyline
  49. My family and especially my little brother
  50. Seeing how many things in the world are pretty fantastic