Today was going to be the day I had my right front tooth extracted. My root had been fractured since 2nd or 3rd grade and I was finally going to get it taken out so I could get an implant.

After the x-rays it came time for the procedure. When I got the shot of novocaine into the back of my gums I started singing to deal with the pain. Not any song in particular, but more like humming with my mouth open. Afterward I asked the hygienist if she enjoyed my singing and she said sometimes they sing to deal with the pain like that too.

Right before the procedure they talked about how since the root was fractured it would be harder to get the second part out. This was different than what I had hoped it would be, since when I got teeth pulled as a kid it was easy.

The first part was easy, a little bit of pressure but no big deal. The tooth had come apart from the root though, and that’s when the real fun began. At this point I heard the sound of a drill, and when I felt little bits of flood fly up onto my face…it was the definition of fun, without question.

Still though the two assistants to the doctor were impressed at how well the tooth looked when it came out, I kept both the main part of tooth and the root. After more than twenty years of the root being broken I finally had the tooth extracted, end of an era and something that had been with me for so many parts of my life. Next, in a few more months I would be getting the implant. For now I would be wearing this prosthetic called a flipper, feeling glad that the procedure went so well.